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Prep Cook - Temporary Employee Providence Rhode Island School of Design

General Job Requirements:

Temporary Prep Cooks assist the culinary and bakery staff in food preparation duties, including but is not limited to the gathering, washing, and cutting of vegetables, station-specific food production, and the following of recipes to produce daily items. They also maintain cleanliness and sanitation, and actively participate in a team setting, with keen attention to customer service, and to culinary and visual detail in support of Dining's mission.

Essential Functions

  • Prepares and completes basic kitchen, commissary and catering items as assigned to specifications desired.
  • Washes, peels, cuts, handles, presents and stores ingredients according to specifications.
  • Completes preparation work, ensuring all ingredients are gathered, cleaned, available and ready for cooking.
  • Under direct supervision, may assist cook with simple batch items and recipes such as, hamburgers, pancakes, and french fries.
  • Set ups and breaks down and works various service areas, including, but not limited to bakery, pizza, deli, salad and serving line.
  • Follows all health code procedures including but not limited to; temperature management, personal hygiene and sanitation.
  • Assists in keeping food supplies in order by stocking, helping with monthly inventorying, and cleaning and sanitizing work, service and storage areas.

Required Knowledge/Skills/Experience:

  • High school diploma or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • A minimum one year of experience in food service with knowledge and skills necessary to properly perform required tasks including cleaning and sanitizing kitchen equipment.
  • Rhode Island sanitation/ServSafe certification is required or must be obtained within the orientation and review period.

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