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Groundskeeper Newport The Preservation Society of Newport County

General Job Requirements:

The Preservation Society of Newport County seeks part-time Groundskeepers to provide routine maintenance of all PS grounds, including lawns, gardens, trees, shrubs, walkways, and driving areas. Work schedule is Monday through Friday, 7:00 am - 3:30 pm, 40 hrs./wk. from April 1 to December 31. Special events may require work on evenings, weekends and/or holidays. Job Responsibilities: Cutting lawns, using hand mower or power mower. Trimming and edging around walks, flower beds, and walls; using clippers, weed cutters and edging tools. Pruning shrubs and trees to shape and improve growth or remove damaged leaves, branches, or twigs, using shears, pruners or chain saw. Raking and bagging leaves, using rake. Cleaning grounds and removing litter, using spiked stick or broom. Planting grass, flowers, trees and shrubs, using gardening tools. Watering lawn and shrubs, using hose or by activating fixed or portable sprinkler system. May be assigned to clean out drainage ditches and culverts, using shovel and rake. May perform ground maintenance duties, using tractor equipped with attachments, such as mowers, spreaders, lawn roller, and snow removal equipment. May sharpen tools, such as weed cutters, edging tools and shears using file or knife sharpener. May make minor repairs on equipment (as instructed), such as lawn mower, spreader, and snow removal equipment, using hand tools and power tools. Shoveling snow from walks and driveways. Spreading salt on public passageways to prevent ice buildup. Perform other related duties as required or directed.

The desirable candidate will possess the following qualifications:
High School Degree or equivalent with minimum 2 years of documented grounds keeping or landscaping experience preferred. Must possess a valid Driver's License with clean driving record. Must occasionally lift and/or move up to 40 pounds.

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